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Veg Growing Tips

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Sweetcorn - a north american native plant loved throughout the world.

Beans - high protien seeds of legume plants

Cabbage - the king of vegetables. Easy to grow almost anywhere

Carrot - Introduced by the Romans, carrots have been popular for 2000 Years

Celery - Slightly bitter (unless blanched) european stalks with a distinctive flavour, used in salads, stews and soups.

Chard - green leafy vegetable

Chicory - bitter vegetable

Collards - This leafy green vegetable is also known as tree-cabbage and is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Corn - North American native vegetable considered sacred by many native tribes. Confusingly corn is also the word used to describe the seeds of wheat and barley.

Cress - small peppery sprouts

Cucumbers - related to courgettes and traditionally used raw in salads. The cucumber grows quickly and holds lots of water

Kales - Until the Renaissance, kale was the most common green vegetable eated by the people of northern Europe

Leek - The national vegetable of Wales.

Lettuce - lots of green leaves used as a mainstay of salads. Varieties such as round, isberg, lollo rosso and radichio are popular.

Melons - Wonderful fruits with a high water content. There are many farmed varieties . All have seeds surrounded by rich, watery but sweet flesh that is encased in a fairly hard shell.

Okra also called 'ladies fingers' or gumbo is a wonderful pungent vegetable from the same family as hollyhock. It probably was first cultivated in Ethiopia and is still a North African staple, but has become popular in Europe, Asia and America too.

Onions Onions have been eaten for tens of thousands of years and we still aren't bored of them.

Parsnips The sweet, starchy parsnip was a very popular european vegetable before the arrival of potaoes and Sugar Cane from the Americas. Although not the prize it once was, the Parsnip is a classic root vegetable, particularly popular in more northern lattitudes.

Peas - best eated within minutes of picking as the sugars rapidly turn to starch. Therefore frozen peas often taste better than 'fresh' peas.

Peppers - These are the fruit of the Capsicum family of plants. The hotter tasting ones (due to more Capsaicinoids in the flesh) are usually refered to as chillis.

Potatoes - Nothing finer than a steaming plate of mashed potatoes. An american staple crop that as been exported all over the world.

Pumpkins - A popular gourd vegetable used in cooking and to make halloween jack o lanterns.

Radish - rich in ascorbic acid (vitamin C), folic acid (folate), and Potassium, the raddish is a peppery vegetable popular in western and asian cookery. We usually eat the taproot, but the leaves can also be eaten in salads.

Squash another generic name for fruits of the vine of the Cucurbitaceae family of plants (see also Gourds). Butternut Squash has recently grown in popularity in the United Kingdom.

Turnips - Root vegetable will grow in cold climates.

Watercress - very peppery small salad like leaves